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provides a universal open platform tagging system for enterprises & individuals to make them able to mark anything physical or virtual


electronic shelf labels
price automation, real time marketing
mobile engagement

Helping Retailers and Consumers

smrtBuggy digital scanning technology APP and Electronic Shelf Label Platform has been created to provide consumers with a powerful tool to capture product information on any product in any environment from a single scan.
This consumer empowerment provides consumers with information they need and want on the spot and allows them to choose their level of engagement with retailers, brands and manufacturers.


Retail Omni Channel Marketing & Mobile Engagement Platform


In-store adoption: ability to target visitors with personalized offers on products & services
(increase in 15-20% in-store revenues)

Instant Interaction

SmrtBuggy Platform leverages world-class technology and expert business services to help organizations deliver timely, relevant and engaging information


SmrtBuggy is a universal open platform tagging & mobile engagement system for retailers & individuals marking anything physical or virtual to make it readable and processable for all mobile devices.


We provide a handy and universal tool for users to make easier what they are already doing with their mobile device on a daily basis.


Use Customer Insights to inspire true loyalty. Mobile plays an increasingly important role driving, enabling and shaping Loyalty; and it is a channel we embrace as the “remote control of consumers’ lives”.


Businesses or Individuals can create a unique tag which will be directly associated with a selected product or service


The QR codes generated by our system are compatible with any standard mobile scanner applications, and the basic mobile engagement functions will be still available.

Coupons, Vouchers, Offers, Contextual Promotions, In-store Events, Redemption, Tracking, Marketing efficiency monitoring

The platform with basic functions will be offered for free to everyone. Promoters get a universal turn-key solution to engage, promote and sell.

We provide cloud based Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) extension module for retailers to enhance digital freedom.

Our solution embraces almost all of the currently available features to be found in similar applications, extended with game changing behaviors.

The mobile app is available for all mobile operating systems.

smrtBuggy Retail Commerce Reconfiguration


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